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Desperately Chasing Millions in Crypto Gaming's Next Big Thing

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For anyone interested in looking into a game that’s due to launch this year, there’s a public beta happening in April/May for the game Gold Fever.

Link to info on it below or you can join their discord/telegram


To participate you do have to hold minimum 250 NGL tokens, which are currently trading at only $0.56 which is super low compared to a couple of mths ago but still 4x ido price

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For your amusement
A dystopian description of the life of an Axie Infinity player, written by Matt Levine... 


Doesn’t it feel like the dystopian future we deserve? Like in a decade everyone will make their living by steering colorful blob-like creatures around to acquire coins in a virtual world, but ownership of the colorful blob-like virtual creatures will be concentrated among a hereditary elite of people who, like, bought Dogecoin in 2014, and in order to scrape together enough to live on you will need to indenture yourself to a member of that elite, steering their blob-like virtual creatures around to earn coins for them and getting a few crumbs for yourself. And you’ll work 16-hour days in the Smooth Love Potions mines just to feed your children, but every once in a while in a rare free moment you will stop and ask yourself “wait why do our overlords want all these Smooth Love Potions anyway?”

Meanwhile the overlords will form a leisure class and devote themselves to philosophy and philanthropy. They’ll keep busy collecting non-fungible-token art and putting their names on virtual library buildings in the metaverse and writing manifestos about how cryptocurrency enhances human freedom and levels the playing field for everyone.


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I think that it will be possible to mine cryptocurrency from games only for a short time, when the game is released. And even with this in mind, you will need to play 24/7, which is clearly not worth it. I tried to do stuff in mir4, for example, and I can say that this is a rotten thing. That is why I abandoned this idea, and began to deal directly with cryptocurrency trading as well as earn crypto for free, which acts as an additional source of earning crypto, you can say, as a premium at work. You are able to get 5-10% more income without straining, so why not do it?

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Just sharing a brief clip of goldfever testing action, for any MMORPG fans out there. The game will go to mainnet before end of the year. Its a bit different other play to earn games.


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