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Desperately Chasing Millions in Crypto Gaming's Next Big Thing

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13 hours ago, Treehouse said:


I like this one because unlike a lot of DeFi, the coin is based on providing a service that is tied to a widely needed/used service and has a utility with a clear pathway for expansion. How many DEXs will we really need in a mature ecosystem? More than one, but not one hundred.

Follow the team on Twitter, they are moving very fast. 

They are very active on twitter. 

They now have 50 people working at Syntropy. 

2022 is going to be a big year for them.  

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On 10/23/2021 at 9:54 AM, WarChest said:

Anyone have any thoughts on the Gala Project?

Gala 700% up since my last post. Bought a little at the time, Gaming coins, are they one of the next booms?

I saw Gala about a 14 months ago, then forgot about it until Crypto Eri refreshed my memory in Sept.


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On 11/25/2021 at 3:17 AM, WarChest said:

I saw Gala about a 14 months ago, then forgot about it until Crypto Eri refreshed my memory in Sept

I too had acquired some GALA a ways back, IIRC it was hyped by one of the lawyer youTubers guys ?
( can't remember if it was JH or not... )
I thought there was some connection to XRP, but now my reasoning alludes me lol 

A few times this year I was tempted to liquidate it, but I usually get stupidly stubborn in such situations - sure glad I did !!

The important point to remember - imho - with these long-shot speculative gaming tokens, is to ignore the volatility of the market until the games are, at the very least, in beta testing; so we can make a better determination if the game will both be fun AND increase demand on its related token...

Lesson, affirmed :) 

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@JASCoder Surely this has got to be it - $nuBTC   - buy on pankakeswap 1inch and dextools.io - track it here https://thebittimes.com/coin-nuBTC-BSC.html

contract address (check it first make sure)  0x0dea5ac2898e6aa637ece0db750fd6d35e460392



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