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Please help get XRPL's DEX (decentralized exchange) data on coin listing sites!


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Hi guys. We think of the XRP ledger as decentralized, so that means a community effort too. We have a decentralized exchange running since ~2012, yet it's hardly known about. One piece to this puzzle I think is because historically tokens on XRPL were trust-based issuances. Ignore that for now, because now we have "trustless" issuances (aka tokens) that trade freely on the XRPL with half-decent liquidity.

I think we urgently need to reach out to coin listing sites like those below, to list data (ideally via the XRPL API structure) for both new *and exisiting* tokens. As I said, it's perhaps best to skip the gateways (e.g. Bitstamp IOUs) and issuances just for now to focus on this new wave of XRPL tokens and the interest and liquidity it generates, without the baggage of gateways. For example (there are many, but here's two good ones I found): CasinoCoin (CSC) and LOX (LOX). Both are listed on Livecoinwatch but neither thus far uses the XRPL data – actually CSC has an entry but it's listed as a separate coin, which isn't right. It discriminates against the XRPL DEX, which should be counted like any other DEX or exchange. Let's make XRPL a gold standard for trading tokens and even NFTs!

The most responsive site thus far has been Livecoinwatch, but I can't do this alone and I'm not good with help for APIs, tehnical issues and such. Please help reach out, and spread the word on Twitter, social media etc to put (gentle) pressure on these sites to list XRPL tokens (starting with the most liquid, otherwise it might work against us and we get ignored or thought of as spam). Let's get loads of attention on the XRPL DEX as a legitimate place to trade and exchange. We have Xumm wallet now and tools like Xumm Community and XRP Toolkit, etc. SO we could even ask them to add this info as links for places to trade.

https://www.livecoinwatch.com - lists LOX (but only Bitrue pairs) after I chatted with them, also CSC (but it's not aggregated as one).




Thanks for your help and please be polite to these websites and their teams, they are generally responsive and helpful but very very busy! :) 



I suggest only asking for either/or:

1/ Coins & tokens that are in the top 10 or so in terms of liquidity here: 

2/ Coins that have *already had one other exhange listing, e.g. Bitrue* – this adds legitimacy and liquidity, and that ideally have the KYC box checked! 

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