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Flywheel of Corruption with G Gensler at it centre?


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19 hours ago, Wolfparty said:

It is my opinion that peers are reluctant to support because Ripple is a threat to supplant their power. They want to retain control, not a level playing field.

Ethereum, besides greasing palms, with its move to POS will allow for the largest holders that run validators to have more control over the network. The exorbitant fees are right up their alley as well.

I wouldn't be surprised one bit if the BTC/ETH community has actively tried to disparage Ripple/XRP throughout the years by any means possible (bots, misinformation, blatant FUD, censorship of ideas, cutting deals with government officials, etc). Lubin chastising Ripple/XRP whilst in bed with the SEC... it all reeks of subterfuge.


Agree with all of this...especially the parts about BTC and moreso Ethereum actually becoming more centralized over time, as the XRPL becomes more decentralized. This of course because the banks are taking over control of those two networks as much as possible. The mining economy is as scammy as any ponzi scheme I have ever seen. Makes Lularoe look like child's play. 

Something in my head/heart still tells me that Ripple have two of the absolute top minds in this space, and that if all of these companies put their top minds into a room together, Ripple may have the top two with Britto and Schwartz. This of course does not mean that they will be the most successful, I just happen to think they know more than almost all of the rest of them. And to me (could be naivety) they seem less corrupted. Vitalik was corrupted long ago by Lubin and Co. 

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