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On 10/13/2021 at 7:44 PM, RipMcGillicuddy said:

I'm convinced that I am absolutely doomed to be *relatively* poor while the entire idiocracy surrounding me gets rich. 

I absolutely get your frustration.  I don't let it get to me by telling myself this is not a competition.  XRP was at .11 18 months ago, my DCA was about .40 which is perhaps a more honest metric in my case.  I have gained a bit by selling the the crashes early and rebuying so now my DCA is more like .25 

However I look at it I have made great investment choices and my money is X 4, probably X 6 if I count in my FLR/SGB.  I have heard of newbies investing a few thousand on Inu Shib and making millions, but that was their luck.

I think we are at the beginning of this tidal wave of money coming our way, and that people like ourselves who choose utility are destined to all become multimillionaires.  Buying gaming tokens sounds like a cool idea - utility to a young dynamic open population.  That market will explode.  

A club to recommend/talk gaming tokens is a great idea.

Tokenisation will also explode, but I do not want to touch graphic art NFT's.  They look to me like another version of Doge coin.

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