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John Deaton's class action grows to over 42,000 + News on Hooks


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"Hook Chaining" is so freaking exciting!

I'm a casual studier of Complexity Science, which has a core concept or focus on Feedback Loops.

I've written about this in a few places and am becoming more confident about the concept's fundamentals, but I think the idea of "hook chaining" meshes simi well with the concept of Feedback Loops.

The idea that we can have one piece of business logic, trigger another piece of biz logic, trigger yet another piece of logic. Holy cow!

In addition, if you contrast the idea of Hook Chaining vs Turing Completeness (arguably EVM in crypto) I think on both the Computer Science aspect, and certainly on the economic aspects, the Hook Chaining may turn out to be a more powerful & fundamentally sound solution/tool.

If you watch that video I did with Eri, at the end she asked me about something that I'm working on... it involves Hook Chaining ;)

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