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MoneyGram Partners With Ripple Competitor Stellar, Will Settle Transactions With USDC Stablecoin


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28 minutes ago, RobertHarpool said:

@NightJanitor  Even though there is no expectation of profit with USDC, because it is stabilized (even partly) by securities like bonds, then USDC is a security itself ... according to our boy GG, that is.

Yeah, but the flip side of "no expectation of profit" = "**** off" is "possibility of loss"="we must protect!"; that's part of the SEC shakedown optionality that it seems some people are interested in preserving for whatever reasons.  We shall see. :)

They don't seem to be interested in clarity to the extent that the market could function without their personal "interventions"...

(Just a tad odd!)

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Safety Dance!
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