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【With prize money!】Seeking a solution for a large amount of wallet hacking


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I have XRP, but I can't send XRP to the outside. Because the master key was stolen by someone, the regular key was rewritten, and the master key was invalidated.


I had XRP on an exchange called Mr.ripple in 2016, and it seems that there was an information leak there.



■And importantly, all the funds in all the wallets remain intact as they were then, without being withdrawn.


I have an XRP balance, but I can't withdraw it because I don't know the regular key rewritten by the hacker.


Some of my acquaintances have suffered the same damage, and it seems that there are more than 100 people in total.


Many of the people who managed XRP at gatehub suffered the same damage.


Please suggest any solution.


Also, is there anyone in the same situation as me?


From a similar XRP wallet owned by a Japanese, there are repeated transactions with the following spam-text inserted, without the funds being removed.



【Memos: Memo: Starting May 1st, 2020, XRP is making fast moves towards economic rebound. With the launch of the Incentive Plan and the Community Support Outreach Program, XRP users are able to register by whitelisting their wallet address and receive XRP in the scheduled giveaways. Registration and address whitelist available at https://*hidden fraud domain*http://s.com】



Please let us know if you know anything about this case, and we will be happy to reward those who gave us useful information or collaborators who did a great job on this case with some of the XRP we were able to retrieve when it was resolved.



The ripple company is ignoring this matter, and many of you have inquired about it, but the replies have not been informative.



■All our money combined is more than 1,500,000 XRP, which is still a fraction of the amount of damage done by the Japanese, good luck.


■The Japanese are a kind people, and I propose that all the hacking victims we will find be rewarded with at least 1% of each wallet. Let's extend the thread and fight.


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