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Bitstamp: "Update your account information" - legit?

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I received an email, purportedly from Bitstamp asking me to login:


We need some additional information regarding your account that we're required to collect due to regulatory demands.

If you haven’t already, please log in below and enter the requested information. [LINK points to sendgrid dot net]

Anyone else had this? If it is legitimate, what do they want?

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16 hours ago, Panopticon said:

It is legit, got the same email, went to their site (not through the email link though), they added some KYC info required about place of birth, tax residence and nationality (if I do not forget something).

Yes, place of birth, nationality and tax residence.

I was unimpressed by the security awareness of Bitstamp support. They said:


We can confirm that notifications coming from email servicedesk@bitstamp.net, noreply@bitstamp.net, support@bitstamp.net, newsletter@team.bitstamp.net originate from Bitstamp.

Are they not aware how trivially easy it is to spoof the "From" field of emails?

And why are they sending login links, especially those that go via a third party? That's highly suspicious to security-aware customers.

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