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Urgent Close SGB Nests - Flare Finance


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Mods From the discord server

Please proceed to do the following to close a nest: 1. Head to FlareLoans (xfl.flr.finance) and check if you have a nest open. If you do, repay the nest back as much as possible with available CAND minted. 2. If you can not close the nest fully due to not having enough CAND, check if you have liquidity in FlareX (xfx.flr.finance) and then remove that liquidity. You will now have more SGB and CAND. 3. Proceed to close your Nest out with the extra CAND. If you still do not have enough, DO NOT TRADE YOUR SGB INTO CAND. Simply send @ADM | Bannik @FNDR | Delvin or @FNDR | Frenchie a message and we will send you over remaining CAND to close your loan out.


Or see their twitter posts on the subject


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