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Lost 2FA authentication


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I hold some XRP in my wallet which has been doing well.. I just changed my phone today (same number) and realized that the google authenticator was lost and it was not backed up. I have my account password still. How could i get back to my wallet? If you could disconnect 2FA for once I could access it. I have already emailed support@gatehub.


Looking forward to hearing from you as I am quite worried..


Thank you and happy Easter!



Sathish Kumar 

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Guest plutopark

First of all, don't be worried about this. The xrp is still in your wallet. The issue is with getting logged in so that you can have access to your wallet. It may take some jumping through some hoops, but gatehub customer service should work to verify you and help you get logged back in. I don't know what their procedures are, but they must have a procedure to deal with this type of problem, as you are certainly only person this has happened to.

Alternately, you might be able to instal google 2FA on your new phone, then resync the authenticator between your new phone and your exchange account. Here is a help link, and perhaps someone else will offer more information: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/185834?hl=en

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