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Getting a private key out from an old ripple.com username & password


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Apparently Ripple.com migrated to rippleTrade, which then migrated to Gatehub. 

I have a username and I think I can remember the password. I also have the public key. 

How do I get the private key from ripple? I have included a screenshot - I guess this not RipplePay? It's been a long time... 


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How do I migrate if I had an account with ripple.com/client?

If you did not migrate from https://ripple.com/client to Ripple Trade, you can still recover your secret key by following these steps:

1.Go to https://id.ripple.com/auth/migrate/ and follow the personal identification process described there.

2.Enter account details from your https://ripple.com/client account when prompted.

3.Optionally, migrate your account to any wallet provider of your choice. If you choose to migrate your account to GateHub, you can do so by going to Ripple Trade and clicking Migrate Wallet to GateHub.

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