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30 years & the fundamentals haven't changed

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5 hours ago, Julian_Williams said:

So you are saying IoV and cryptography will be a control mechanism on a system that was otherwise beyond  regulation and out of control?

At the international scale. Yes.

What can't & couldn't be enforced by regulations in the past, Can be enforced by cryptography and distributed ledgers today. The need was always there.

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34 minutes ago, Julian_Williams said:

A bit like crypto will also solve middlemen embezzlement of aid budgets, and on supply chains.

More like, central banks Can control their individual domestic environment. But when you start talking Cross Boarder, the individual countries/economies power to regulate is eroded... thus the problem, a need to cooperate without the explicit ability to enforce adherence to the rule set.

This is not specifically banking, but what the IoV is doing is changing the topology of the banking industry's network graph. 


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