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SongBird Trading is live!


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Just now, Julian_Williams said:

Anyone who bought at that price will regret it now. 

Started at 9 cents, went up to 90cents, sunk back to 27 back up to 45cents.  Very volatile  

I guess it will settle much lower?  It will be interesting to watch


I wonder if it will settle around the price of the Flare token IOU, which is around a dollar, probably wishful thinking though!

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I'm betting it will eventually settle to below 10 cents, but who knows. Most of my XRP is on a ledger so FLR/SGB is off limits for me there. But I had some on Bitrue locked up in power piggy at the time of the snapshot. I had sold the Flare IOU and bought Bitrues BTR coin. I just did the same with the SGB. I think Bitrue is climbing the charts and hope someday it will do something like Binances BNB coin. Granted there is 10x as much, so I'd like to think that $30-100 is possible someday.

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8 hours ago, Seoulite said:

Anyone know how many exchanges are listing? Is it just Bitrue for now?

A few hours ago Bitstamp rep. said they're still working on SGB - doesn't indicate either way if they will be making a market for it (I'd be surprised if they did this early, but you never know). 

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