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How do you think the Songbird launch went?


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Assuming observation mode is going to end later today and trading will begin, Songbird will be live. Let's reflect on how the launch has gone.

First, the good points:

  •  the network did not need to be reset. I think Flare would've wanted to avoid this, it would've been a very bad look, and not a great first impression. Luckily that hasn't happened 
  • enthusiasm and participation from the core community seems to be good, reaction is positive
  • some exchanges jumped on the train at the last minute
  • the launch of Bifrost and other FTSO functions has been smooth, Bifrost was especially well received
  • the various apps and platforms released for delegating seem to be very easy to use and grasp
  • the network is performing quickly and smoothly

The bad points:

  • the exact rules around delegating were not explained and are still not exactly clear. Why did we never hear the word 'epoch' until 2 days before it started?
  • some of the largest exchanges never got on board
  • the high disparity in rewards between FTSO providers has caused some concern and consternation. Of course people are greedy but even well-informed observers weren't expecting such differences. Hopefully all of this will calm down soon
  • initially there were a large number of scams trying to take advantage of confusion during the launch
  • initially setting up with metamask and other things was a real pain

Having said that, the last two bad points are hopefully things that won't need to happen in the Flare launch because we now have Bifrost and other apps running and ready for people to use. Also hopefully Flare will learn to tell people what the hell is going on so there is less confusion.

The only thing left now is for trading to begin. People are saying Bitrue will list at 5 cents, which was my prediction. We can assume that Bitrue will be biased towards bullishness surrounding this token and so are likely to start at the higher price rather than the lower one. However, once trading begins the price could easily bottom out very low and then come back. I intend to buy within the first few hours, maybe the first day, depending on the price action. If we see a dump then great, I am going to buy anything below 1 cent. 

What do you guys think about how the launch has gone?

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3 minutes ago, brianwalden said:

If this was the launch of Flare, it might have been a disaster.

Agreed. I think this canary network was a great idea, because the Flare team haven't exactly been rock solid around the whole management of the lead up to the launch, so test run with Songbird and then everything will be ready for the main event. Bifrost is ready. FTSOs will be ready. Trading will be ready. Exciting stuff.

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1 hour ago, Seoulite said:

because the Flare team haven't exactly been rock solid around the whole management of the lead up to the launch

It's almost like this Production launch was the team's first ;)

By now the wisdom of a dry-run via a Canary network is obvious to all.

Especially if you remember the debacle of the first public Beta launch... 

Let's birth this baby !! 

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