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All I know is that this for me is a hope and prayer kind of deal, you know, a bit like XRP :)

I'm hoping this coin will become associated with Doge and become a meme, if so I expect insane ROI compared to current prices. The listing on CoinGecko and coinmarketcap tells me that somebody somewhere is working on it. To take off it needs influencers which, as you can see on their roadmap, has no tick yet and at least a listing on a half decent exchange. This also tells me WE are early, really early to this party, which in crypto, usually means cheap coins with loads of potential.

Doge on the Moon is coming for sure -

Elon Musk’s SpaceX is literally launching a Dogecoin-funded satellite to the Moon

It’s meme on meme on memelord

SpaceX is now accepting Dogecoin, and it’ll be paid exclusively in the cryptocurrency to launch an upcoming satellite named DOGE-1 to — yes — the Moon.

So I await this DOGE-1 mission and will see what happens, because any mention or linking to Doge having a GF is the ultimate MEME for the masses to latch onto. How long have we all waited for XRP to moon, this thing could literally go there.




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I'm not the best TA guy in the world, but it broke through the resistance lines I had plotted for it, so fingers crossed, it could double or triple from here easily. I love the fact on their website, it still doesn't have a tick in the box, next to - "Reaching out to Influencers" -  God we are early :)



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8 hours ago, Single_Malt said:

I concur. Great project, wonderful use cases. 

Bitcoin 5.0 !

You will soon be able to buy your coffee with DOGEGF.  Finally a solution for having to pull money out of your pocket or wave a card near a machine.

My life will be so much better.  Probably help the unbanked also,  somehow.

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