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Dusty interviews Jeremy Hogan on the SEC v Ripple case.


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Quite interesting that ethics are something many judges try to keep out of a case, and the corruption might not figure very highly in the case.

Ripple have to file for judgement after discovery and due process is finished, otherwise it will be deemed a an unfair trial. "After November".

We cannot sue the SEC unless there was an intention to cause harm, but Deaton is crazy enough to give it a try.  Deaton must have been working very hard to do what he has done so far.

Settlement most likely at the end of Discovery is concluded, because that is when both sides can weigh their cases up.

How important is Gasparino.  Negative coverage must affect the case and the judges behaviour.

Expert discovery until Nov 12, then ripe for a summary judgement then there will be a move for summary judgement with a series of motions to be decided by the judge.  Dec at the earliest, with the earliest summary judgement ruling Jan - March..  He thinks this is where the case will end for Ripple case, but BG and CL case might drag on longer. 

A trial (which is unlikely for ripple) would be later in 2022 (summer). The initial judgement the law is the law as decided in the trial but there is another 9 months for appeals which would be likely.

The problem with this trial is both sides have a lot of money and are very serious. Settlement is hard.  Settlement is a unpredictable magical process.





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Informative video. It gives some great insight into what could happen with the trial, settlement, appeals, etc. I am really not looking forward to the appeals process if it goes that far. It seems like the SEC will want to appeal, especially if Ripple wins on the fair notice defense, because it would wreck their ability to go after other cryptos. 

According to the video, it would become law that XRP is not a security during the appeals process, so it could be relisted, etc. But, I speculate that Ripple would not want to go through the appeals process because US customers will still have the uncertainty of the appeal hanging over their head, which would be bad for business. So perhaps a settlement before hand?

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