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Vulcan Verse/ PYR - Greco-Roman themed blockchain game where you earn money playing

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Shameless plug for anyone who may be considering buying PYR and getting involved in the game. My referral link:-


More info about this here:-


A couple of additional points. I haven't played the game itself yet, but I've bought a few plots of land. Land in this particular metaverse is scare compared to Decentraland and Sand. There are only 9918 plots of land available. You need to buy land to get the most out of the game, but you can also use it to stake PYR, the core token of Vulcan Verse. The world is divided into 4 quadrants: one a green and pleasant land, one a desert, one mountains, and one Hell. In the centre is Vulcan City which is neutral territory.

You can also use your PYR to buy NFT's, and some NFT's are used in the game itself, for example, buying Vulcanites, which can be all sorts of creatures living in that land that help you achieve your goals. You get different Vulcanites in the different quadrants. Other NFT's are weapons, scrolls for spells, Gods, etc etc.

I think this could be lucrative, as long as we don't get a silly little global economic downturn.

PYR as we speak is contemplating breaking through all time highs.

If the metaverse is a key part of the future of crypto, this could be a great play.


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Another shameless plug for Vulcan Verse. If any of you want to play MMORPG or whatever the hell the acronym is games like World of Warcraft, play this game and earn me some money lol:-


This Cedallion programme will allow players to play the game without having to expensively buy land. Coming this month. 

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