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List of FTSO signal providers plus fees, voting power etc by Flare Metrics


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4 hours ago, Seoulite said:

I had delegated to FTSO EU but they have been having trouble with their coffee and so the rewards are lower than the others. Bad start for them and will do them no favors with people’s first impression. I know I am much more likely to change who I’m delegating to next week because of this start.

I can recall from years ago a presentation given to us about superannuation.  

Using ten years back testing data,  the presenter showed that if you swapped into the highest performing fund (from the previous year,) every year…. you would do worse than any one fund did over the ten year period.

Because the performances were variable,  chasing the highest yield was the worst possible strategy.  I wonder if a similar thing will apply here.  Perhaps not.  But maybe.

Interesting times ahead.  :JC_doubleup:


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