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Wrapped FLR will not get the DFLR airdrop


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Flare Finance Discord


So if your WFLR is delegated or staked in a Smart Contract, then it won’t be counted in the snapshot, not unless the 3rd party explicitly offers support. For 100% certainty, I’d have WFLR/WSGB unstaked/delegated etc. We should have more clarity closer to the time.


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6 hours ago, PunishmentOfLuxury said:

Those were my words in Flare Finance Discord.

There was a Tweet a while back where Flare Finance said DFLR will be airdropped to FLR and WFLR holders. 


I asked for clarity in a voice chat where it was recommended that to be on the safe side, have your WFLR unstaked or undelegated.

I’ll see if I can get more clarity on that as delegated WSGB/WFLR is still in your wallet. I’ll post here when I do 👍

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