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Ripple Is Looking to Build a Market-Making Platform for XRP


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Ripple, the global payments company, is looking to build a crypto market-making platform and is currently trying to hire staff in both London and Singapore, according to a person with knowledge of the matter.

The firm is looking to recruit as many as 10 people in total and is focused on initially hiring a crypto trader with experience of arbitraging between different exchanges, and a marketing and sales person, who will be tasked with building relationships with liquidity providers and exchanges, the person said.

The new team will be split between three hubs: London, New York and Singapore.


Launching its own market-making platform would allow Ripple to manage liquidity in XRP, especially if other liquidity providers have retreated from doing so.


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Just now, StanleyXRP said:

This is a daunting job

because market making requires a lot of money at institutional level.

market making is often performed by banks, registered dealers.

Ripple is ambitious on this project I would say.

but I really like the company for its vision, its technology design and its governance.

Hope people who participated early and have already grow into whales, can come out and organise into a market making community to support this project in stablizing the market price.

above are my personal thoughts, nothing more than that!

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