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Ripple team going for all out victory?

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I'm dreaming that Ripple was somehow playing chess at a higher level than Lubin and the move all along was to rope ethereum in at this point when the SEC has to walk back their free pass and bring charges against ethereumJoseph as they work on the Eth2.0 project. 

Just dreaming to myself of course, but I like doing that sometimes. A lot. 


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3 minutes ago, Julian_Williams said:

SEC cannot afford to lose on summary judgement on Fair Notice, because such a verdict would render them toothless to prosecute anyone in crypto for a long time.  So SEC have to end this before the end of discovery, or date scheduled for summary judgement after discovery.  The later they leave to settle the more Ripple can squeeze out of them, so SEC must now be in a race against time to settle this case.

Also the longer this case goes on the more information there is out there for other crypto teams to use in their own fair notice defences.  SEC is in a very deep hole..and now the media is picking up on teh corruption inside SEC!

I hope you're bloody right mate ;)

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49 minutes ago, KarmaCoverage said:

I wonder if the warning to Coinbase on their lending project was a shot across the bow and preemptive action (against fair notice) to go after XRP LoC?

Great observation, I was kinda thinking the same thing. However, would that apply to Ripple? Afterall, LoC was introduced in October of 2020. Couldn't Ripple still argue fair notice here as well?

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This is Insane.  Definitely worth watching the full 14 minutes of this video



Gensler met Clayton a 21 March 2018, (Gensler met Clayton 2 more times Dec 14 2020 Dec 21 2020 just before Clayton departed and dropped his lawsuit against Ripple)

Gensler made this interview a month later telling us in 23 April 2018, just before Hinman's speech telling us that declaring XRP a security would end up in Court, especially if ETH was not declared a security.  Ripple would cite the inconsistency.  SEC has to be consistent in its rue making

One month later (June 2018) later Ripple gets sued by Coffey for selling unregistered securities

Two weeks later Hinman gave ETH a free pass.  Gensler had predicted weeks earlier giving ETH a free pass would not work because it would be inconsistent, and companies like ripple would use it in Court against the SEC enforcement notices.

Gensler suggest big companies like ripple need time to come into compliance and give disclosure.  Ripple tried to go through this exact route suggested by Gensler with the SEC in June 2019, and changed its way of selling XRP to be more compliant.  Gensler is saying clarity was needed for companies like Ripple, now Gensler is defending the indefensible. 



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