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Filan - The SEC claims that every single document that will be reviewed by Judge Netburn in camera is privileged. OMG


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https://www.dropbox.com/s/2espwt45m017aqo/SEC Letter Brief on DPP.pdf?dl=0


When a person or group refuses to produce information or tries to hide it then says there is nothing to see, there is a high probability that it contains what you are looking for.

"Additionally, the documents are irrelevant to Defendants’ proposed defenses—even under Defendants’ relevance theory. Defendants seek the documents to put on a (wholly improper) defense that “the SEC staff...questioned whether XRP and other digital assets were securities” and therefore that Defendants are not liable. Motion at 4. But none of the documents on Appendix A, except for Entry 2, address whether transactions in XRP are securities. The Court should not pierce the SEC’s DPP and other privileges, particularly when the documents are irrelevant to Defendants’ proffered defense. As for Entry 2, it is an internal SEC staff email and memorandum, protected by all three applicable privileges and drafted in connection with the SEC’s then-pending investigation into XRP, which culminated in the filing of this action. "

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Wow, DAI strikes again!! Take the time to watch and then read the Politico article linked as well. Just wow. Literally proof that Ethereum wrote the rules. 

Here is the politico article on the same subject from the video above, with one excerpt below...DAI you are a treasure.


The venture capital working group for digital currencies argues that the digital currency ether qualifies as an asset that evolved away from being a security.

“[Ether] is a good example of this type of protocol token that has become so decentralized it should not be deemed a Security,” the document asserts. Though many digital currencies run off code related to the Ethereum network that uses ether, the working group does not believe the safe harbor would necessarily apply to those tokens.

Ether was launched to support decentralized computer projects like self-executing legal contracts written in computer code, and has exploded in value over the last year and a half. Much of the more recent initial coin offering or digital token creation activity has been inspired by Ethereum’s launch.


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Holy shit. I just emailed Deaton, but look at this...the law firm that wrote the safe harbor proposal and submitted to SEC months before the SEC speech is Perkins Coie. Look who Perkins Coie is. https://www.perkinscoie.com/en/news-insights/perkins-coie-joins-the-enterprise-ethereum-alliance-legal.html


“Perkins Coie, a legal adviser to the EEA since its launch,

They're ethereum's legal team FFS!

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