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My XRP on my Xumm app is gone!!


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Well, you can't reverse the transaction, so if it has been sent to an account not under your control, then unfortunately you probably can't get it back, I'm sorry. If it was sent to an exchange, then you could contact them and see if you could get the destination account frozen, and start a process to try to get the XRP back. Look up the destination address on Bithomp and it may tell you if it's an exchange wallet.

But it's equally important to also think about how this happened. Double check the app - is it the real XUMM app? If so, how did the attacker find you secret key? Is it stored anywhere online? Did you sign up for any "free XRP giveaways" (i.e. scams) recently? Might your phone be compromised? Might your email be compromised, etc. etc.

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