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John E Deatons summary on SEC/ETH-corruption (must read)


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1 hour ago, VanHasen said:

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler said at an Aspen Institute appearance this summer that the rules are “awfully clear” on crypto. In a recent interview with Financial Times, he urged developers to “talk to us, come in” because the fate of the industry, like all finance, “is about trust.”

( facepalm ) 

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18 hours ago, JASCoder said:

( facepalm ) 

Gensler's written testimony for tomorrow's Senate Banking Committee hearing ("Crypto Asset Markets" on pgs 5-6):

https://www.banking.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/Gensler Testimony 9-14-21.pdf

He's still doing the "come in and talk to us" (to get sued) / "I'm tech-neutral" bit.

(I hope that all the lobbyists who woke up during the infra bill fiasco are awake!)

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