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Hugo: I was wrong to suggest timelines


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21 minutes ago, FTSO_AU said:

Thanks for the “vote” of confidence guys. It’s nice to see our efforts recognized. 🙏 

I’ve just added you to our private Songbird testing group @Seoulite 

@brianwalden was already a member, thanks.

@BillyOckham if you’re on Discord please join our server, I’ll then get you into the group. https://discord.gg/y6dc6AsTGx

As soon as Songbird has been launched we’ll be able to start putting our service through its paces - I hope you’ll join us!

We’ll be opening up our STSO service to anyone and everyone, but I want to keep the feedback group quite tight to begin with.

Won’t be long now. 

Thanks for asking but I’m not on discord….    I’m already overcommitted with just one forum.   :)   

I’m a boss-level procrastinator and am trying to cut down on online time.  Failing so far…


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