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AstraZeneca COVID Vaccine May Work as Cancer Treatment


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a bit? :)

Look, vaccines have legal liability protection.  They can kill as many people as they can cover up and hide until the public finds out and never get sued.  It's a big flaw in the law.  All kinds of funding has flowed to the most ridiculous "research" - vaccines for stubbed toes, vaccines for drug addicts, vaccines for headaches - because they own the medical regulatory establishment and they have legal liability protection.  They're gonna roll out all kinds of weird and untested shit;  some of it has already started coming out.  Then they try to get labeling for other clinical indications - "maybe it cures cancer?!?" - and if they can get their paid-off goonsquad full of eggheads with God-complexes to "okay" it, then off to market it goes.  Then, other companies want to get in on it, too... so, what do they have their bureaucrats do?  CHANGE THE DEFINITION OF THE WORD "VACCINE"...  "Hey, not only can we expand our TAM to... everyone... if we change the definition of what a "vaccine" is, we can expand the liability protection shield to cover... well, whatever we've got!"

Be careful out there...

And, also, as a general rule, "news" articles that contain what in business would be called "forward-looking statements" ("could", "might", etc, or the popular-with-what-passes-for-journalism-these-days "Headline Ending In Question Mark?") - oof - well, anyway... there's a great book called "A Mathemetician Reads The Newspaper" - explains a lot of this trickery.

(Do they still make books?  I really miss bookstores.)

Look at this:

That's how they thnk.  Most doctors suck at math - even worse the bureaucrat doctors.  (Notice that in his statement he assumes (a priori!) that any complication would be "rare";  bad doctor!)  (Then you've got the ones who are good at math but overbelieve in the veracity of the data, or never bother to look into the actual definitions or classifications / the data collect mechanism.)

Nothing worse than a stupid smart person trying to lord their credentialed wisdom over others.

If a doctor has an MD and an MBA (or, worse, an MPH!) - run the **** away from that office. :)

(There may be exceptions... I assume that there may be, anyway... but I suspect they're "rare.")

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The good news: It'll likely be over by March, maybe February, and omicron may be the most infectious form this virus is able to take (it's already the most infectious virus known it appears). And in that case, it will continue to dominate future mutations as they occur while, perhaps becoming even less capable of causing damage to the host. So I advise you to have a closer look at health insurance. Here is a thorough article about it.

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Honestly, I don't really believe in the effect of the vaccine, but I was still vaccinated because I visit my parents often and I don't want them to think that I infected them later. In order to strengthen my immunity, I did sports, ate healthy food, drank a lot of water and vitamins from Canada Drugs, spent a lot of time walking outside. I think it will help all young people more than a vaccine. I have several friends and colleagues who also have the vaccine but have become very ill with the disease.

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