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Is there a blockchain ecosystem with more to lose from Gensler's regulatory hammer than ethereum? How many CMC Top 100 projects were built after a token launch on ethereum? I genuinely don't know that answer, maybe it is much fewer than I think. 

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It must have been a comment on Twitter or Youtube, but I noticed someone said that this ethereum free pass thing is linked to JPM, Goldman and USA Banks because they feel they can monopolize the mining fees and keep all of those in house. 

My little brain was thinking about how ETH2.0 is said to be disadvantageous for miners (for multiple reasons I'm sure) but one being that it will obviously cut the mining fees considerably. Can you see a world where Consensys / Ethereum Alliance / etc. (and all the greedy corporate banking elites attached to them) are building a COMPLETELY centralized system where they will collect all the mining fees? 

My guess is the fight between the foundation (with Lubin as mouthpieceofshit) and the miners as they approach 2.0 is going to be nasty. And their goal will be to push the miners out. 

The strategy would have been to make yourself too big to fail when that shit hits the fan. A strategy known all too well by the banking elites tied in with ethereum. I don't use twitter, but it is time to start calling ethereum the banker's coin. 

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