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Call in details for tommorow.


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1 hour ago, NMNR said:

Anyone from the UK willing to share details on how to dial cost effectively?

If there's a fee for dialing in, I'll just talk to the operator after the call and have the phone company reverse the charges.

In fact, that's exactly what I'd tell the Judge that she ought to do in this case. :)  (All the corruption/scienter is at SEC!)



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3 minutes ago, RipMcGillicuddy said:

Hope all the money they've spent on lawyers turns out to be worth it

Their lawyers seem to be very good. Their arguments are far more clear and easily understood than those from the SEC.

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9 minutes ago, RipMcGillicuddy said:

Definitely. Just hope these are the documents Ripple needed to hone in on. Gotta be something in there. 

There it is, Ripple's lawyer suggested the judge may want to look at additional documents beyond those in appendix A (those getting in-camera review). Ripple's lawyers are sharp!

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