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At last Clarity from GG!


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Ironically, in July 2018 Gary Gensler himself in a testimony to Congress cited Hinman's speech as what he saw as the SEC's official view. He taught MIT students the same thing. "Reasonably clear, very clear"  - Source here.


In your own word's GG, so your own understanding at the time, seems to be that you took the SEC's official position to be the same as most other market participants,  i.e. the SEC viewed Ether and BTC to not be securities based on Hinman's speech and when this is added to that email from the SEC, saying the SEC has made no determination yet on XRP, then good luck proving that Ripple should have known. Hey GG you taught this in your classes at MIT, if I was a student of yours, I would be asking for my money back, for all the BS you taught. It's lucky you found a position, in which BS is still given out as an acceptable answer, IN MY OPINION.

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