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Coinbase talks to the SEC.


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XRP was listed on Coinbase BEFORE the meeting linked in the vid above - Moonlambo breaks the above linked video down + community reaction. It's insane to think the market, never mind Ripple, Brad and Chris could have known, what was going on at the SEC, simply speaking the SEC are full of s**t and some there have exploited cryptos legal ambiguity for their own personal gain. What happened to Poloniex still makes my head spin, hey Polo stop selling securities, OK say's Polo, any chance you can tell us which cryptos are securities, the SEC (nope) you should just know, so PAY UP and Polo did, the SEC are criminals acting on behalf of criminals.


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It not that the SEC case is falling apart, it has already fallen apart.

Digital Asset Investor was piecing together the timeline today, and it all fits together (all SEC "personal" statements as well as the official SEC tweets are synchronised to the 3 phase sequence starting with telling the world all ICOs are securities followed by how they can transition into non securities.  It was choreographed by "the Team" in the sequence as outlined by Robert Jackson described in his interviews.  Hinman's speech was just one part of that orchestrated sequenced of guidance and strategy which Jackson has told us was happening at the time.

I think SEC cannot afford to take this to summary judgement, because on fair notice this case is already lost.  SEC have to settle before summary judgement, because to lose of Fair Notice is to lose their authority over all crypto.   

This case is in the negotiating settlement phase and there i a time imperative on SEC not to drag its feet.

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Despite all of this, I am still in a "believe it when I see it" phase. Gensler is as smug as they come, and I would think the last thing you could call someone with his experience on both the public and private sides is naïve. 

If Ripple is playing the ultimate game of chicken with the SEC (which it sure seems they are at this point), I'm just not sure it would ever be The Mafia that jerks the steering wheel. But never ever say never ever (MacGruber). 

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