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Bifrost Wallet beta is out


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4 hours ago, brianwalden said:

It looks like right now it only supports XRPL and Ethereum coins.

There’s quite a lot of tokens in the receive section. Haven’t tested any yet but it takes a while to scroll through them.

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Just now, brianwalden said:

Go to three Bifrost wallet website and put in your email address. If you have Android you might be able to just get it from the play store.

They only sent me the iOS invite, but I just followed a link on their Twitter to their Android app in the play store.

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15 hours ago, brianwalden said:

I've never heard that distinction between hot and cold before. It's a self-custody wallet.

A cold wallet is a wallet that has been created unlinked from other devices (and certainly the internet) and so is air gapped from any possible malware.  (Eg a paper wallet).  It’s attack surface is basically the owner.  Did they leave the key on a piece of paper visible to a net-linked camera (like a phone) is one example vulnerability.

A hot wallet is one that is relying on the security of its software and environment because it’s running on something connected to other potentially compromised devices or is online to the net.  So it’s possible that it can get hacked with varying degrees of probability depending on user and developer practices.

A self custody wallet is an orthogonal concept to the two above…. it’s one where the user manages their own keys.  This may be done on a hot wallet or a cold wallet.  

A non custodial wallet is one where someone else is managing your keys or you are in a pooled or shared wallet (ie an exchange).


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