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Robert Jackson praises Hinman's speech and says it give guidance to the market

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actually from 10:00-15:34.  They go on to discuss after 13:30 how the power of blockchain tech can drastically change clearance and settlement.  Yea, no Sh*t, the very asset that you all are going after was specifically designed to facilitate this exact use case.  Globally, there will not be consensus to utilize USDC for this.  Counterparty risk.  They know this, we know this, everyone knows this.  Such a dog and pony show.  Clarity in due time...

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I enjoyed the because there isn't enough liquidity and then no fair market place, then its a security  (comment) . How can there be liquidity if there is no marketplace for it to exist in. The argument being placed is an impossible mark for how to develop blockchain or a market in the first place.

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23 minutes ago, psykurt said:

This guy is unbearable. Comes across as a psychopath

It's part of the hiring process for SEC officials, are you on the spectrum sociopath / psychopath etc, "YES", you have passed the first part of the hiring process, part 2, have you worked for J.P Morgan or Goldman Sachs "YES"... welcome to the SEC.

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