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New XRPL Airdrop - Nerian

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NOTE: I posted this before reading the full thread. Looks like there is a ton of confusion around this and frankly it just seems kind of scammy. May turn out to be perfectly legit, and the risk are probably minimal, but still please be careful.


Hadn't seen this posted here, so FYI. No real info out there about this project - no white paper, etc. Airdrop is for 1000 tokens per XRPL wallet by adding a trustline. 

Have not done this myself yet. Prefer to know a bit more about the project before going through the process.


Check out Nerian on Twitter.
A network and a token running on the #XRPL. $NER will be the bridge asset between you and what you rightfully own. Update coming soon.



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On 12/1/2021 at 3:44 PM, ChanceOFaLIFETIME said:

Beginning to look like Bison Army is a scam coin.....taken off with our investment funds... and does a lot of flim-flam talk and schemes to keep us busy while they, or he, makes the getaway?

Funds? I haven't even gotten the airdrop. You gave them money?

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