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Attorney Hogan is BACK as the SEC v. Ripple Case Enters HELL WEEK! And Gensler Ignores Twitter Q's.


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It seems there are a number of view points about when this case will be settled

1. This is all out "war", and it will only be settled by going all the way to court.  I think his might be Filan's viewpoint.  This would have the case dragging into 2022.

2. Both sides want to wait and review their positions until after discovery is complete - that way they will make informed judgments with all the evidence in front of them.  This would be after the end of October.

3. There are documents that both sides do not want to pass across to each other, such as the internal SEC documents and emails related to Hinman's deposition and on Ripple's side the internal Slag chat messages.  Will SEC lawyers allow documents about its corruption getting into the hands of Ripples lawyers?  Will Ripple's lawyers allow internal messages between sales department and clients being handed to SEC?  They have now run out of time for withholding these documents, and the judge will order that they are handed across before the end of the month.  If they do not settle in the coming few weeks these documents will be handed across, and this might end up in making the case really nasty. 

4.  The judge dismisses the case on the ground of Fair Notice.  This judgement is now getting close and SEC would want to avoid it happening. 

Whatever happens we will see more and more rumours of an incoming settlement.  The adage is buy the rumour, sell the news.  XRP should join any bull run, and XRP starts more coiled up than any other crypto asset. 

It is really interesting to see how the possibility of big XRP run is bringing former BTC maxis like Bitboy into the XRP fold.  

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WE are beginning to get more of a picture of Gensler's personality

It seems he is upsetting his legal teams by scrapping deals they have shaken hands on, and asking for more money from the "defendants".  Apparently many lawyers are leaving SEC because they do not get along with Gensler's way of conducting settlements. 

Watch from 11.50 onwards


I guess he is somewhere between the affable intelligent person he projects on Twitter and the idiot who is "unreasonable" and won't listen.  I feel he understands more than Clayton and will have some sort of strategy for sorting out regulation of crypto, but for the life of me I cannot work out what that strategy is!  So far he seems to be doing nothing useful, in fact he seems to be a bit bonkers.

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5 hours ago, kanaas said:

You got to like his humor as well...

Look a the details in the background ... a missing piece in the puzzle, a 5 9 and an 8 pinned on the walls... unicorn placed on the buffet ....

Haha! I saw that and thought to myself "what the hell is that?" I couldn't put 2 and 2 together. Although this is coming from a guy that came home from work one day while my wife painted a wall in the family room and I didn't even notice.

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