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XRP Lawsuit: SEC vs Ripple Upcoming Due Dates


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And some more updates from the community:-

Crypto & Policy

PETITION UPDATE (1/4): Our petition to Gary Gensler with 30K signatures demanding a regulatory framework for crypto and an ethics investigation into Jay Clayton and William Hinman has been referred to -- get this -- the @SECGov 's Office of Investor Education and Advocacy (?!?!)

SECOND UPDATE: We have not received any new communication from the


after its referral of our May 14 petition to


to an unrelated office within the agency (1/3)


(3/3) How exactly can Gensler's public statements co-exist with the


's refusal to ever respond to any of us? Were his assurances of clarity and transparency just his "personal opinion" like Hinman's ETH speech that was emailed in draft from 63 times within the agency?


Jeremy Hogan


I know that


cannot AND will not answer this. The point we are highlighting is twofold: 1. There is no clarity. It took me a couple of hours of research to figure out the answer is "Probably" Ether is a security DEPENDING on about 5 different variables. So,"Cannot."(1/2)

Lack of clarity allows for selective enforcement. The SEC has no incentive to have clarity because it would FORCE them to enforce per clear criteria. First, it is not set up to enforce all violations, and second, arbitrariness is power. And power is money. So, "Will not."


John E Deaton


how many petitions does the


receive in a year that has 30,000 or more signatures? These 30k signatures are of the very people you are sworn to protect. Don’t they deserve a response?

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