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Good morning, i wonder if anyone can help me. I transferred my xrp out of binance  and it was to go to coinbase, however i pressed wrong button and it landed up in Bithomp.

I can see the  the value is there, but i haven't got a clue to get it over to coinbase. I am not sure if I need a bithomp account registered or not, spent hours last night trying to find a solution until i stumbled on this chat. So if anyone can advise, please do as I would hate to lose the coins. I have attached what I can see but how i am gonna get it out to transfer it.689219287_Screenshot(7).thumb.png.744c1310f8698fde0e180ed3dd968028.png

 Thanks in advance.

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Hi friend, sorry for your misfortune. 

If I understand what you did correctly, you withdrew 148.89 XRP from your Binance account, and sent it to a virgin XRPL account (not "into Bithomp" - that makes no sense from what I'm seeing).

The destination address would have been a long string that starts with an "r" letter, which is a public address of an account in the XRP Ledger. 

WHERE did you acquire this public address you directed Binance to send your XRP to ?
( if you have access to its corresponding private key, then you are okay, otherwise you have lost that 148 XRP )

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7 minutes ago, Safferjoe said:

Hi , i got the address from coinbase, then I mistakenly pressed the button on the option and went to bithomp

If coinbase gave you a virgin XRPL account address, then I'm 100% confused, as that is not something they're known to do, AFAIK. 

Is it possible you did not use the correct destination address when you initiated the transfer from Binance ?

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8 minutes ago, Safferjoe said:

I have source and destination keys

What matters is do you have the private key to the virgin account you sent you XRP to ?
( it starts with a small "s" - if you have this, DO NOT give it out to anyone !! )

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Safferjoe - if that pic at top is authentic, then you sent your XRP to an unactivated account ("wallet"), which can ONLY be accessed with its secret key ("sKsjj22s...").

So if you don't have that account's secret key, you have effectively "burnt" that transfered XRP. 

I wish I had better news to tell you :-/ 

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