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Payburner XRP Wallet Extension


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Does anybody know what's going on with the Payburner extension and website? I can’t access my XRP wallet via Google extension, and the payburner.com website doesn’t load? When I open up google the extension box comes up to tell me that I’m connected to the XRP Ledger, but when I then click on the payburner extension to load my wallet, it comes up with a white blank box saying I’m not logged in and asking me to import, which I’ve tried (as I had a .json file back-up), but that doesn’t work either. The payburner.com website is also uncontactable? All seems okay having checked XRP toolkit and looking at my wallet/funds via XRPtoolkit, however – Payburner isn’t compatible with XRP toolkit, so I can’t control or do anything without access to my Payburner wallet. Any help or information anyone can give me would be appreciated? Just tried to send an email to payburner@gmail.com and that’s come back with a bounce back (not found)?

Any information on what's happening with Payburner would be appreciated. Everything to do with Payburner just seems to have literally shut down and disappeared off the face of the Earth?

Many Thanks.


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