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1 watermellon = how much xrp?.. how do I actually pay my customers?


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it's interesting to think about but sites like ebay,freelancer,amazon,airbnd, all have this thing in common where they take a credit card transaction and transfer USD? to the sellers bank account. The most efficient thing to send them would be XRP. So long as the value holds between the time the seller receives the XRP and can transfer it into local currency.

so, I just took a credit card transaction for $25. I need to send it to a tour guide in Laos. (Lao kip)... to make it easy say they are in Philippine peso. How does that actually work utilizing XRP? do I need to make a merchant account with SBI?

Any guidance welcome, maybe i need to be asking a diff community? As i was saying, the easiest thing seems to send them XRP straight up and worry about how they transfer it into local fiat on their own??

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While the XRPL makes these exchanges possible in theory. In practice, we don't have the currency issuers to make it happen. You would need a gateway serving Laos who issues PHP on the XRPL. You could then either use the XRPL's DEX or automatic pathfinding to convert your XRP to PHP and send it to your tour guide. The guide would then be able to exchange the tokens for the actual fiat currency with the gateway.

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