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Breton Woods 2.0 (Project Jura) and Aug 15


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On August 15, 1971, President Richard Nixon de-pegged the US dollar from the price of gold, causing the Bretton Woods System to collapse.

President Nixon assured Americans at the time that this was only a momentary change designed to “stop the speculators” who were supposedly out to destroy the dollar.

The US has now had a purely fiat monetary system for 50 years.

In response, countries like France, Japan, Korea, Great Britain and others started exchanging their US dollars for gold and demanding physical delivery of the metal. The only way to stop America from losing all of its gold, and therefore also reserve currency status, was to stop letting people convert their dollars into gold.

Jigsaw pieces (some people who keep up with this stuff, may find some of this old news, BUT, I like stitching things together this way and sharing), so if this is old to you then I apologize, I see big things coming and this is for those that like seeing the big picture, by seeing how all the pieces connect:-

Another part of this Jigsaw is of course project Nexus.

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