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First live On Demand Liquidity offering in Japan


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19 minutes ago, swift_post said:

The question is does it use xrp or some other coin?

"This is Ripple’s first On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) service implementation in Japan, setting the stage to drive more adoption of crypto-enabled services in the region. By leveraging the digital asset XRP to eliminate pre-funding, the two companies can also free up capital and accelerate the expansion of their own payments businesses. "


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I wonder what our illustrious leaders are thinking on news like this in the USA because the eastern side of the planet is about to leave us in the smoke when it comes to taking advantage of the digital asset space. While were stifling innovation with litigation geared more towards greed and control than actually helping the very constituents that are being represented, other countries are moving forward.  Do we have a catch up plan?? Are things in motion were not privy to?? Who knows but the rubber is about to meet the road here and It's time for the Good Ole US of A to $hit or get off the pot as it relates to what their going to do in regards to crypto/Digital assets etc!! In the words of the infamous Borg "Shot out to all my Trekkies out there!!"  "Resistance is Futile!!"

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