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MasterCard has acquired a startup to counter cryptocurrency laundering.


The company plans to improve its information security systems. The technologies of the CipherTrace startup will help them create their own reliable platform for operations with crypto.

CipherTrace is an analytical company specializing in cryptocurrencies. The startup cooperates with exchanges, banks, payment systems, law enforcement, and financial authorities. Among their services are investigating crypto crimes, transaction analysis, monitoring for compliance with AML, KYC policies.

Earlier, in February, MasterCard began supporting cryptocurrency. They created special cards with the possibility of cryptocurrency transactions.

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Quick cash transfer

Need to send USD cash to another city? You can do it here as quickly and safely as possible. We offer a cash-cash transfer service in any regional center of Ukraine. With us, you can ensure that the operation will be completed as quickly as possible. Also, we guarantee 100% availability of a reserve.

Having problems creating an order/paying? Contact us via the feedback form on the website or via the telegram bot @AnyExchangeBESTbot.

How quickly to make a cash-cash permutation on AnyExchange.best?

  • Log in or register on AnyExchange.best;
  • ]If you haven't verified your account yet, you can do it now. Such verification is optional;
  • Fill in all the required fields on the referral page, “Exchange of cash USD for cash USD”
  • Choose the city you need. If you have not found a suitable one, don't hesitate to contact us via the feedback form on the website or by telegram. We will try to solve your problem;
  • After clicking on the “Exchange” button, you will be taken to the application creation page. Carefully check all the information;
  • Click on the “Create an order” button. It will take you to the payment confirmation page;
  • After the order was created, our operator will contact you. But you can always reach us via the support form on the website or via the telegram bot @AnyExchangeBESTbot (be careful, there are fake accounts). To make a cash-cash transferring, follow the next steps:

a) specify the number of your application to the operator;

b) choose the most convenient item from the ones offered by the operator;

c) after the operator sends the code by which you will deposit the money, give the cash to the cashier;

d) inform the operator that you have deposited money in the cash register;

e) after confirmation by the cashier, the operator will send you a code for cash withdrawal. 

  • After receiving the funds, the application status will be updated to “Completed.”

You can always track the status of your applications in your account.

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The most popular stock markets for August 2021 were named


According to the rating of CryptoCompare, 90% of all crypto transactions in August were conducted on 6 exchanges. These are Coinbase, Gemini, Kraken, CrossTower, Bitstamp and itBi.

Analysts say that trading on the AA exchanges increased by 43.6% to $2.4 trillion during this period. Volumes on businesses with a lower rating increased by 10.4% to $218 billion. Of the 100% of transactions, 91% occurred on rating exchanges.

 Binance dropped to 23rd place. The analysis showed that this was due to legal problems in some countries. The exchange has the worst indicators in the rating of asset quality/diversity and regulatory pressure. But Binance has maintained a high position in the ranking of security and data representation

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In Laos, several companies have allowed mining and crypto trading

A special working group was created in the country. Its task will be "to study and determine the basics of legal crypto regulation.” 
With this decision, the government legalized both the mining and trading of crypto. But so far, only for selected companies. Six organizations in the experimental mode will use BTC, LTC, and ETH.
Analysts identify two main possible reasons for this decision. Firstly, Laos' hydroelectric power plants produce too much electricity. Mining farms will be able to use energy without harming the country. Secondly, before the pandemic, their primary source of income was tourism. COVID-19 has hit the economy of Laos. Against the background of the ban on mining in China and the mass transfer of capacities to other countries, Laos will level out its economic situation.

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