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SEC Response to Defendants’ Letters re Peirce and Roisman


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17 minutes ago, Julian_Williams said:

This case was destroyed by the Pierce Roisman letter.  I do not think they did that on their own without first discussing it with Gensler.  The Warren letter was a gift to Gensler, and many think written by Gensler. 

The SEC case was a poison chalice passed to him by the corrupt previous admin and he has been wise to distance himself and keep his hands clean.  I am sure busy being proactive behind the scenes, but he seems (I am guessing) to use others to present his opinions and set up his moves.

There is a new approach and agenda developing in plain sight;

  • regulate the exchanges
  • get Congress to enact new legislation to regulate crypto securities  
  • end this case with a draw, and without giving away details of the corruption that was obviously rife in Clayton's admin. (from Gensler's point of view July 27 looks like a critical date to complete settlement but Ripple have an interest in pushing Gensler to the limits of his generosity, which means using the Hinman deposition as a big stick to wring every last drop of blood out of his weak position, but that stick goes after Hinman has been deposed because after that date much of the damage is done.  (Ripple have one more stick; the (incriminating?) internal docs)).


Considering the refusal to hand any of them over, you have to think there is as much, if not more, incriminating info in the docs as there would be with the Hinman depo. 

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