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Deflationary Coin Launched on BSC Chain called BabyXRP

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2 hours ago, Muellhart said:

If anyone read through the homepage:

What are "legacy XRP"? Are these another coin of the BSC universe, I don't know about? Or just plain old XRP on the XRPL?

As far as I can tell this is just a coin on the Binance Smart Chain that they named BabyXRP for the name recognition. The only connection to XRP is that they're paying prior rewards for holding it in XRP.

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Step 1: Make a coin with a similar name to a known big brand.

Step 2: Wait for exponential pump of big brand coin.

Step 3: Newbies FOMOing into the market buy the cheaper knock-off believing it to be somehow linked to the big brand coin.

Step 4: Profit.


On an unrelated note I will soon be releasing ToddlerXRP.
Keep an eye out for it, it's gonna be big.  Bigger than BabyXRP.


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