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Methinks the SEC Will Want to Settle Before July 27

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It would have to be at least a settlement that gives XRP full regulatory clarity. Without that clarity, we're basically back at square one. Does the SEC want to give that? Jeff and Chip from On The Chain LIVE discussed this in a recent video.


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Well Bryan Brooks thinks that settlement is a probable outcome in order to "settle" the initial asset distribution, see 2:32 of @CryptoEri's latest video.

Even if he talks prudently in generic terms, reading between the lines, he doesn't think that that present status of XRP is a security since the token has a use case and because of the decentralised nature of the token.

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It's possible Brad & Chris have their cases taken care of, but Ripple is definitely going to be a while.  A settlement where it is determined Ripple initially sold XRP as a security but no longer would still be a big win.  It would signal XRP is not currently a security even though not formally within the SEC's role.

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