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Beware Uphold members

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So if you have an uphold account members beware they have this thing going on where they will take the money from your account claiming that the banks never completed the transaction and then act like nothing happened but you're out all the money in your account and if you try to get help they will first answer you, then send it to a specialist, and then forget about you. I've had over $1,000 drained for my accounts and this happened twice. I didn't realize the first time. This time I did so I went and checked out some reviews and about every third or fourth review is a member stating the same exact thing happening so be careful

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Defi's great and all, but we still need to interact with the main financial system at key points, and without that crypto will ultimately fail anyway.

That said, apart from the horrendous UX, I've generally had positive experiences with Uphold. They have botched a few things, like the Cred debacle. I haven't had to go through their support/help channels, so I'm sorry if this is the experience you've had – that really sucks! But then again, it's a new account with only one post, which makes me a bit sceptical. Where are these reviews you've seen? I'd like to check that out. 


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I use uphold and have had probably 20 transactions with them and have not as of yet had any issues, this is over the course of about the last 7 months. Not saying I recommend them over any other exchange but I started using them as an outlet to buy XRP in the US  when few exchanges would allow it and have found it easy and problem free.  

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