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Hugo AMA with Panony (Korean) - some new info on launch preparations coming in the next 7 days


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Hugo did a telegram AMA with a Korean entity which was translated into Korean and English. A lot of it was covering ground we've already covered many times but there were a few new bits of info (I'll summarise with screenshots of what he actually said:

- Flare is going to release a blog post in the next 7 days related to distribution and the preparations for launch:




-- Hugo answers a question about scaling


Continued in a second post...


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-- Hugo says that the plan is to start with 100 FTSO signal providers, this will be decided by the total delegation amount in WFLR and F-assets that each provider has. He also answered a question from Flare Community about EVM compatibility. In this answer Hugo says that smart contracts will not need to be changed at all when porting over from Ethereum:


-- Hugo confirms Flare Networks Ltd will deploy their tokens to gain yield just like everyone else




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6 hours ago, PunishmentOfLuxury said:

If Flare Network (for profit) is going to deploy its full 25Bn FLR then it will totally dominate Governance votes and the rewards from FTSO etc. It may not have an automatic majority but it will take some considerable organisation by other FLR holders to outvote them.

The concern about rewards was instantly raised but I don't think you will see them back off from that at all. Governance votes may be more complex but yes it will take organization.

I don't begrudge them the rewards thing - they are giving us free tokens and a free way to make more of them with very little effort on our part. They've done the hard work to build this so they deserve to profit from it. 

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