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Cant deposit XRP onto a ledger. invalid address message. L to x address conversion?


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Hello, so i cant deposit xrp onto a my ledger hardware wallet. Im getting an invalid address message after it tries to send it says transaction failed invalid address. ive tried to send xrp to my ledger nano x from several exchanges but only with xrp. i updated to the latest software on the wallet and on my pc. ive tried the x to L address converter with no luck and that was scary with $15. I cant imagine sending more to a converted address thats not my actual address! Anyways I also tried sending it to my ledger with two different types of transaction on one exchange as recommended in another post. I can send from one exchange to the next with no issues but not to my hardware wallet, just says invalid address transaction failed after trying to send. When i convert the address to an X address it just says enter invalid address right away. Any other ideas anyone?

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On 7/9/2021 at 1:32 PM, RolandMcCain said:

If it was sent to an invalid address already, you can get professional help reversing it: easybinarysolutions via gmail 

Not recommended. No one can reverse XRPL transactions... They probably scam you out the rest of your crypto.

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