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Brilliant breakdown of XRP and the scale of what's coming to the crypto market.


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8 hours ago, B088IN said:

Nope, got to 2 minutes and couldn’t take anymore, no information at all within that time 🤨

2 minutes 30 seconds - the chart he shows and talks about is the brilliant bit, the scale of what is about to be tokenized is dramatic when visualized in the way it is shown. The derivatives market in picture format, when compared to the current size of the crypto market, should show anyone watching what is potentially about to happen to the value of many ISO20022 assets. The value of many of these assets / debt / derivatives etc shown in the diagram will be loaded on to these blockchains over time, which will make the current crypto market cap look like nothing in comparison.

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It's the above linked chart, which I think is a brilliant way to visualize what is about to be tokenized and put on blockchains.

Or another vid to help those who don't see it, there are new people here, who might not get it yet:-


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