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Quincy is really smacking the vision thing.   He is right,XRP price will reflect the assets under its ecosystem and no one knows how many assets will be valued in XRP or how high that will send the price.  A million dollars is very far fetched, but I think he was making his point that estimating the final price is estimating an unknowable.

XDC has doubled in price since he start shilling it.  I wonder how much Quincy's videos have to do with this.  Quincy is a BTC maxi's nightmare because he is making investing in "a banker's coin" more cool that investing in old school tech invented by a bunch of hippies.

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48 minutes ago, HAL1000 said:

I have a feeling I will be dead by the time it gets to a million and by that time, a million dollars will be worth a heck of lot less than it is today :)

I just bought another 7k XRP.  I guess I should put an exit price target of 7 billion :D but by then it should not really matter much to me since I will be richer than Elon, looked after by the most beautiful carers in a nursing home with solid gold baths

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